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              How to order

              When you are satisfy with our company products, such as production capacity, product quality, delivery time and price, please don’t hesitant to contact with our sales by below information, our English sales can service for you.

              Tel: +86-021-69155989

              Fax: +86-021-69151848

              We also have professional Import and Export agency can deal with you about the commercial affairs after our agreement of the business terms, technical quality, etc.

              In accordance with international practice, we will start to mass production after our agency finished the order confirmed as per the contract requirements. We also accept your company designated import and export agent if it is in line with business requirements.

              Shanghai Fengqu Superalloy Co., Ltd.  Tel:+86-21-69155998  
              Sales:+86-21-69155989/69151848   Consulting Tel:13817961313 Fax:+86-21-69151848
              Add:101#,Boxue Rd, Jiading District, Shanghai,China Zip:201801  E-mail:Sales@superalloy.com.cn